How to setup a business in Qatar

Despite its small size, Qatar has one of the highest GDP per capita rates in the world. Although oil and gas account for more than 70 per cent of all government revenue, the country is highly focused on developing its non-energy-related industries, such as petrochemicals, real estate, financial services, education, health, sports, tourism, and more.

With a rapidly expanding economy and a progressive growth plan, Qatar intends to offer a wide range of business and investment opportunities for companies in the months and years to come. Today, Qatar offers a variety of multi-tiered investment options under the country’s liberal economic policies, drive for infrastructure expansion, and commitment to revenue diversification.

What’s more, there is no taxation on personal income, royalties, dividends, profits, property, or capital gains in Qatar, making it one of the best places in the world to set up a business.

Qatar Company Setup & Registration

Unity Partners Qatar provides foreign investors and business owners with a holistic company formation solution and it starts with recognising the right legal entity or corporate service for your business. An LLC is the most common business structure in Qatar. Other corporate setups include public shareholding companies, branches and subsidiaries, sole proprietorships, etc.

Cost to set up an LLC in Qatar

Depending on where you decide to establish your licence, the expenses may vary. Establishing a company in a free zone has several benefits such as 100 per cent ownership, but not always lower office renting expenses. According to Qatari legislation, limited liability companies must have a local partner who will own 51 per cent of the company’s shares, with the foreign partner owning the other 49 per cent. An LLC is the most typical structure for a mainland firm. The price of starting a mainland business varies and depends on several variables, including the type of business, the number of employees, and the available space.

Schedule for forming an LLC in Qatar

The time taken to incorporate an LLC Company in Qatar hinges greatly on the complexity of the business to be incorporated. Determining whether the 49 per cent shareholding will be owned by a “parent business” or by “individual(s)” will take up a significant amount of time when forming an LLC. Whatever the size or scope of your organisation, Unity Partner’s skilled team of consultants and government liaison officers will ensure the process is managed effectively.

What kind of commercial space is needed to start a business in Qatar?

To receive a Trade Licence, all running businesses in Qatar are required to have a commercial lease. LLCs also require a physical office location when companies want to open a business in Qatar. There is no minimum square-meter requirement when referring to the mainland. Separate office space is typically necessary to prevent potential issues with acquiring a trade licence.

Documents required for Qatar Trade licence

Once the business registration has been granted, companies can apply for a commercial permit or trade licence. The licence is revocable and has a one-year validity.

The following records are necessary:

– A copy of the authorised person’s identification card

– Agreement for rent

– Copy of the commercial registration

– A signboard with the brand name, which should not exceed 120cm in height

– A copy of the commercial permit for the main branch, if applying for a branch

– Building completion certificate

– Payment of fees

At Unity Partners, we support our clients with the A to Z of business set up in Qatar so they can focus on what they do best – grow their business. Connect with one of our business set-up advisors today for more details.

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