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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Your Own Business

Business Setup

The pursuit of a successful business is an exciting process that presents numerous opportunities, challenges, and educational moments. Unfortunately, many hopeful entrepreneurs make some common mistakes while caught up in the thrill of it all — mistakes that could ruin their efforts. Sidelining Market Research: One mistake frequently made by first time entrepreneurs involves diving […]

Navigating the Virtual Asset Landscape: Understanding the Evolution of Digital Assets in the UAE

The UAE, a nation long synonymous with oil wealth and futuristic architecture, is now emerging as a frontrunner in a different kind of revolution – virtual assets. From the early adoption of blockchain technology to the establishment of its most recent virtual assets regulatory body VARA (Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority), the GCC country’s adoption of […]

DIFC: Leading the Future of Finance

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is a financial powerhouse based in Dubai spearheading business growth across the Middle East, Africa, & South Asian region. Boasting a staggering 4,949 registered firms, 39,000+ employees, and hundreds of active financial institutions, DIFC is playing a pivotal role in strengthening the UAE’s economy. But DIFC’s vision extends far beyond […]

Simplify Your UAE Personal & Corporate Bank Account Opening with Experts

The UAE presents an electrifying opportunity for growth and success. But for the uninitiated and experienced alike, navigating the country’s complex financial scene can be challenging, especially when it comes to opening a corporate bank account. Having a company account, however, is essential for operating a business in the UAE and without it, one cannot […]

Updated Rules for Getting a Golden Visa in Dubai

With the recent updates to its coveted Golden Visa program, Dubai, the dazzling metropolis synonymous with ambition and indulgence, has once again opened its doors wider to the world. Initially launched in 2019, this long-term residency scheme has attracted a slew of investors, business owners, and talented professionals with its promise of stability, tax benefits, […]

Money matters mastery: Finance tips for entrepreneurial success

2024 is the age of entrepreneurship, startups, and new businesses. While initiating a new startup has become quite the norm, an interesting question arises as to the secret behind its longevity. There’s only one answer; cash.   Having, maintaining, and growing money is the only way a business can flourish. According to the Entrepreneur Middle […]

Impact of Sustainable Practices on Long-Term Profitability and Market Positioning for Businesses

        In the sun-soaked landscape of the UAE, savvy businesses are fast embracing sustainable practices. This serves as a driver of not just environmental harmony, but also of long-term profitability and market dominance. Gone are the days when sustainable practices were viewed as a cost burden; today, they are considered to be […]

From local to global: Expand your business via international trade in the UAE

Going from local success to global prominence finds no better starting point than the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It’s not just the country’s rife ecosystem that makes it fertile ground for new businesses, but also the infrastructure and opportunities arising out of its push for growing its non-oil sectors.   There’s a rapid year-on-year increase […]

Effortless Transactions: Unleashing the Power of Digital Banking Solutions for Businesses in the UAE

The UAE has established itself as a hub for business and innovation across the Middle East. As of 2022, the number of SMEs operating in the UAE stood at 557,000, contributing over 63% to the UAE’s non-oil sector. SMEs also make up 95% of all companies in Dubai alone, employing 42% of the workforce in […]

A Simplified Guide to UAE’s New Corporate Tax

In a significant move, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) implemented a new corporate tax system to take effect starting June 1, 2023. This new policy aims to streamline the process of taxation for business while empowering the government to stimulate the local economy.   However, as is the case with change, many businesses may find […]