KSA Company Setup — The Start of a Rewarding Journey

Saudi Arabia has emerged as a promising destination to set up your business. The only Arab G20 economy, it has a strategic location and a major trade route that crosses three continents. With its progressive bankruptcy laws and anti-commercial concealment, KSA affords top-notch security to MNCs, SMEs, and private investors.

Setting Up a Company in KSA

The first step involves outlining the scope of your business and the activities you will undertake. This will govern whether it is feasible to set up in mainland Saudi or a free economic zone. Not just that, it is also linked to the licenses and legal entity that you will need.

A limited liability company (LLC) is the most common form of investment for foreign businesses in KSA. Besides, it serves as a medium for entering into Saudi joint ventures. Setting up an LLC in KSA starts with obtaining an investment license from the Saudi Arabian General Investment Agency (SAGIA). An investment license allows you to buy or establish a new company, as well as set up a branch office.

This is followed by the submission of company documents at the Unified Center (UC) for approval.

Once approved, the company has to notarize its documents and then publish the company name and summary of Articles in the official gazette.

Completing the aforementioned steps will make you eligible for opening a bank account in KSA. You may then establish an office and, finally, proceed to obtain a commercial registration certificate.

Apart from that, the company will have to be registered at the Department of Zakat and Income Tax for taxation.

Doing It the Efficient Way

Creating a company is a strenuous and long-winded process, requiring the submission of documents with strict compliance. More importantly, it is crucial to keep the application free of mistakes for a seamless process and to save time.

Having said that, you can safely fast-track your business setup in KSA by collaborating with Unity Partners. With its reliable network of industry experts, you get holistic support, which includes company formation, legal assistance, and everything in between.

Here is an overview of the services that Unity Partner offers for its clients:

· Helping you select the most appropriate company license based on your business needs.

· Facilitating the process of setting up your desired bank account.

· Assisting in the legal aspects of the business.

· Arranging business premises for your office space with all the necessary amenities.

· Providing top-tier solutions for asset maintenance and management.

· Delivering customized visa services to facilitate the stay of company officials in Saudi Arabia.


With Vision 2030, KSA is aiming to increase investment opportunities and provide a business-friendly environment to foreigners with investor assistance and incentive programs. Factoring that in and based on the above-mentioned considerations, organizations should set up in Saudi Arabia and make the most of their business-oriented ecosystem.

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