The UAE is arguably one of the most ideal countries for global investment due to its secure business environment and legislation that is beneficial to investors. The UAE rapidly increases the potential of businesses operating from it across all industries due to its capacity to expand their operations to regional and global markets. In part, this is due to the UAE’s location at the intersection of vital growth areas in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Multinational organisations, SMEs, and private investors all benefit from the steady future growth that comes with investing in the UAE. The country scored highly in economic performance, infrastructure, and government and corporate efficiency, and was placed ninth overall in the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2021. 

But that’s not all. The GCC nation continues to clinch top spots in coveted global business lists. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s 2022 report, the country has topped the list of best countries for entrepreneurs and has outperformed the Netherlands, Finland, and also Saudi Arabia.

Salient Features of the UAE Economy

Some of the major characteristics of the UAE economy include a strategic location, substantial financial reserves, positive international relations, consistent government spending on infrastructure, digital transformation, and innovation, progressive economic diversification policies, multi-speciality free zones, and continuously increasing foreign direct investment.

The UAE is focused on facilitating investments in a host of priority sectors to further the development of a sustainable, diversified, and competitive knowledge-based economy. The country also gives its thriving expat population the freedom to conduct business everywhere in the nation, including its numerous free zones and the mainland.

Incentivising Investors

In addition to eliminating impediments that obstruct the flow of investments, the UAE provides a variety of incentives to investors to boost the number of start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses in the country.

For foreign investors, more than 40 free zones offer tax benefits and 100 per cent ownership. The UAE also gives investors the freedom to choose the ideal free zone for their companies to be established. Its many free zones allow investors to conduct a wide range of commercial operations with ease, thanks to top-rated, sector-specific infrastructure. In tandem, the government has also improved their visa system for both professionals and businesses, enabling global talents and investors to live, work, or study in the UAE while taking advantage of extended residency.


The UAE has a stable and secure environment where more than 200 nationalities live in harmony with one another. The country seeks to rank among the top 10 global destinations by 2030 and is working to draw in USD 150 billion of inward foreign investment.

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