The UAE Government introduced its Golden Visa program in 2019 to make the country a more attractive place for entrepreneurs and investors, as well as professionals such as scientists, frontline healthcare workers, and outstanding students and graduates.

With exclusive benefits such as long-term residency in the UAE and the freedom to live, work, or study in the country, the Golden Visa program has become a widely popular option for foreign nationals who want to base themselves in the UAE.

In fact, the UAE Government has already issued more than 79,600 golden visas as of 2022 – a number that continues to grow to this day.

What are the advantages of a UAE Golden Visa?

The UAE’s Golden Visa offers plenty of exclusive privileges that make it the ideal visa option not just for foreigners coming to the country, but also for business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and other professionals who are already residing in the country but desire long-term security and stability.

The premium benefits of a UAE’s Golden Visa include:

  • Long-term residency in the UAE (5 to 10 years)

Unlike regular residence visas which have two to three years of validity, a golden visa can grant an individual long-term residency in the UAE without needing to renew the visa periodically.

  • Broadened opportunities

With a golden visa, individuals can enjoy the freedom to live, work, or pursue their studies in the UAE without any restrictions.

  • The ability to sponsor their own visa

Golden visa holders have the unique ability to sponsor their own visa, which means they do not have to depend on an employer or a company to sponsor their residence visa.

  • The ability to stay outside of the country for more than six months while keeping their visa valid

    Golden visa holders are also exempt from coming back to the UAE every six months just to keep their visas valid.

  • The ability to sponsor the residence visas of their family members

A golden visa holder enjoys the privilege of sponsoring the residence visas of their spouse, children, and even parents.

  • The ability to sponsor an unlimited number of household staff

    Another convenience exclusively enjoyed by golden visa holders is the ability to sponsor an unlimited number of household staff, ensuring their domestic needs are met.

  • Exclusive privileges

    Golden Visa holders enjoy special offers and discounts across a range of facilities and services, from education and healthcare to hospitality and retail, both within the UAE and in select overseas locations.

What are the investment options available to secure a UAE Golden Visa?

There are several ways available for those who want to apply for a golden visa. These include investment pathways for those who qualify for the program based on their salary, real estate assets, investment, profession, or educational achievements.

If you meet the requirements for any of the following investment categories, then you can apply for a UAE Golden Visa.

Real estate

  • Own a property in the UAE that has a minimum value of 2 million dirhams. This investment criteria, however, has been updated to make the program more accessible. Property owners can apply for a UAE Golden Visa if 1 million dirhams of the property value is in equity.
  • Purchase a property through a loan provided by specific and approved local banks.


  • Individuals who earn a minimum monthly salary of 30,000 dirhams. The individual should also have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Individuals who serve or have served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Director, or Chairman of a large company.

Investment or bank deposit

  • Have a fixed deposit of at least 2 million dirhams in a local bank.
  • Entrepreneurs or investors who can prove they have a minimum investor’s capital of 2 million dirhams.

Special talent

  • Individuals who are doctors, scientists, engineers, inventors, athletes, and those who specialize in fields such as artificial intelligence, big data, genetics and biotechnology engineering, and epidemiology and viruses.
  • Individuals who hold a doctor’s degree.

Outstanding students

  • University students and graduates who have a GPA of 3.8 or higher.

The requirements you need to submit will depend on the investment pathway that you will choose and qualify for. To make sure that you choose the best investment option for your UAE Golden Visa application, then it is best to speak to experts.

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