In Dubai, establishing a business has always been encouraged. It makes sense that Dubai is attracting the attention of commercial investors now that it has proven its financial stability to the world.

Starting a business in Dubai is a strategic decision for an investor. The UAE surpasses all expectations with its 100 percent foreign ownership, low tax rates, business-friendly environment, enhanced infrastructure, e-government system, and business prospects. Everything an investor needs to launch a business is offered in Dubai.  Our professional experts at Unity Partners can assist you with business setup in Dubai and the other Emirates.

Why Start a Business in Dubai?

The business environment in Dubai is exceptionally welcoming and helpful.   It should come as no surprise that many companies in the UAE were registered by businessmen from other countries. In the United Arab Emirates, foreigners make up approximately 80% to 90% of the labor force.

For a variety of compelling reasons, thousands of company owners from all over the world go to the UAE and Dubai to start their businesses. Such as:

1. Low Tax Rates

The UAE has no taxes on corporate and personal income. The VAT’s current flat rate of 5% was put into effect in January 2018. It is the only significant tax in the Emirates that you should be aware of. If you have any questions regarding taxes in the UAE, Unity Partners can guide you and answer all your questions.

2. High Quality of Life

Dubai is renowned for its luxurious environment and high quality of life. Investing your time and money in starting a business in Dubai secures a high-quality life for all business owners. 

3. Physical Business Set-up Incubator

The United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai, is a physical incubator for business set-up. 

For new business start-ups in Dubai, there are numerous funding programs and incubators located throughout the United Arab Emirates. Dubai’s business sector has a highly promising future. If starting a business in the country is your lifelong dream, Unity Partners can help you achieve your dream with a variety of business set-up services tailored to your needs.

4. Golden Visa

By obtaining a variety of long-term visas, foreign business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals now have several possibilities for making Dubai their second home. Your best chance of obtaining a 10-year renewable residency in the UAE is through the Golden Visa. Investors, business owners, scientists, specialists, distinguished undergraduate and graduate students, pioneers in humanitarian activity, front-line employees, and skilled workers are all eligible for the Golden Visa. A Golden Visa in the UAE can be obtained without a sponsor, and those who already have one can also sponsor their relatives. By enlisting the assistance of Unity Partners in Dubai, you may escape the trouble of acquiring a visa.


Now is the right time to start a business in the UAE for several reasons such as its low tax rates, high quality of life, golden visa, and being a physical incubator for businesses. Unity Partners can speed up starting your business in UAE and provide you with all the necessary requirements to ensure a smooth entry into the market. 

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